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Who uses Credit Clear?

  • Clients who want to rectify discrepancies in their Credit Information Report.

  • Clients who need to liaison with Financial Institutions for settling their dues.

  • Clients who want to proactively manage their financial Credit Health.

  • Clients who want to be protected from Identity Theft.

  • Clients who could not get Home Loan, Personal Loan and / or Automobile Loans as their loan applications are rejected.

  • Financial Consultants who want their clients to maintain a clear CIBIL Report without having them go through the hassles and disrupting their client's business/finance plans.

  • Clients who try to avail Consumer Loans that gets rejected usually due to poor Credit Rating and thus not able to purchase products from Retailers.

  • Clients who want to reform their current credit behaviour and instill a credit discipline in their daily lifestyle.

  • Organizations who want their Employees to maintain a clear Credit Rating to

    • Ensure their employees are not demotivated by financial stress that impacts their on-the-job performance
    • Weed out delinquent behaviour that is harmful to their reputation

  • Loan Disbursing Managers and Credit Card Approving Managers wanting Credit Clear to assist their customers improve their Credit Rating to avail a loan/credit card product.

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